Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Things

First, I just registered for my first writer's conference! I'm super excited even though I'm not sure if I'll get much out of it. I was too late to grab a slot for an agent critique or pitch session so all that's left is the workshops, the panels, and the social event.

I'm really hoping the workshops and panels are more useful than a lot of people make them out to be because I'm awful at mingling so I don't expect to get much networking done at the social event. One on one I'm fine. Speaking in front of a large group is not problem either. But dump me in a hotel bar with no friends in sight and I'm sunk.

I blame it on the fact that I've had the same friends pretty much forever. I just don't know how to meet new people anymore.

And the second thing is that I've discovered it's even kind of depressing just to look for body acceptance friendly novels. I mean to begin with there's the dearth of self-acceptance novels that don't involve changing oneself to gain that self-acceptance. But then, the few mentions of books with fat people who don't lose weight (first of all they're apparently termed "obesity novels" which really pisses me off like that's all the book's about or something) always make sure to wave the OH BUT IT'S TOTALLY UNHEALTHY DON'T FORGET flag which, um, just no. The whole thing makes me all stabby.

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